Before Landing in Canada

* Helping you to find place to live according to your budget, family requirements and goals in the country. 

* Find you a place, send you pictures & videos, negotiate the price, finalize the lease agreement in your name & furnish the place for you (If Required - At Extra Cost * ) 

* Clarify any points of concerns to you regarding your plans after landing, job market, schools, society, cost of living, prices of buying or renting new or used car, housing options and prices, life style, etc.

* Providing you with all the necessary accurate information to facilitate your move to your new home, documents preparation, schools registration, credential assessment, translation, etc.

* Provide you with questions and answers for the driving test to help you pass from the first trial.

* Provide you with information about the country, people mannerism, traditions, culture and cross cultural communication and barriers to help you integrate in the Canadian society smartly.

* Communicate with you along the way to help you prepare yourself and your family for your new life in Canada.

* Helping you to find great investments, helping you to manage your investments and obtain great return.

We believe that every individual is different and require customized package therefore our services can be tailored accordingly. Our ultimate goal is provide exceptional services to the newcomers in a friendly and professional manner so they can refer their friends and relative to us in the future.

After landing in Canada

* Airport pickup: Safe and insured van to pick you up with your family and luggage from the airport to a pre-arranged accommodation of your choice.

* Helping you to purchase or rent a house or apartment suitable to your family needs & within your budget as well as help you to obtain mortgage from the bank at best interest rate. 

* Applying for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for you and your family.

* Applying for a Health Card (OHIP) for you and your family.

* Applying for the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB).

* Applying for the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)

* Opening your bank account.

* Opening child education saving account.

* Applying and Helping you to obtain your driver’s license.

* Helping you and guiding you to find job..

* Registering you with newcomer agencies and community centres.

* Helping you to register your kids at schools, college, university, English programs even daycare if required and provide you with information to apply for child subsidy.

* Helping you to find a family doctor.

* Helping you to find permanent place to live (Renting or Buying).

* Refer you to a trustful mortgage broker to help you get best rate on mortgage.

* Refer you to a professional lawyer.

* Providing you with reference to help you rent your first home in Canada.

* Helping you when buying or renting a car.

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